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"There are a thousand ways to get there, but not all ways are the correct one." Crave is the first of a four-book series by Tracy Wolff. The second book was recently released and the third and fourth books are scheduled to be released in 2021. Grace has recently moved into a boarding school with her uncle and cousin after her parents' tragic death. She has to leave behind her whole life to attend this school that seems eerie at every turn. No matter what Grace does, she can't seem to put a finger on what is wrong with the school, and no one seems to want to tell her the truth.

When I was younger, I loved reading the Twilight series and the premise of this book reminds me strongly of the old series I once loved. Even with that in mind, I believe that this series and its characters are all their own. I loved this book so much and couldn't put it down. I even continued to read while on my breaks at work. The book was fast-paced and I never once felt bored, which got me out of the month-long reading slump that had me frustrated with myself. Unfortunately, the fast pace meant that the poor main character Grace also never had a dull moment. She was constantly challenged, and despite her love interest trying to protect her from everything, she was adamant about being her own person and dealing with her own issues. One of my favorite things about Grace, besides her independence, is her sarcastic chapter titles. Every single one of them was hilarious and I was even amazed at the creativity of some of them. One of my favorites beings, "It's Discretion, not Diamonds, That's a Girl's Best Friend" which was put in at the point that she was getting tired of people seems to hold information back from her.

I think that anyone who liked the Twilight series or books about supernatural beings would also love this series. My overall recommendation of this series also goes to anyone who enjoys fantasy or is trying to get out of a reading slump and just needs a fast-paced book to get them there.

With all of this in mind, my rating is 4/5. I loved reading it and could see myself reading it over again.

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