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Long May She Reign

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Freya was going to escape. She was going to run away and become a scientist. And she was so close. She was almost finished her invention which would fund her new life away from everything she hated and help her obtain a life with other people like her. But when the solution to her inventions problem seemed right at her finger tips, she was forced into the position of Queen. Somehow, the twenty-third person in line for the thrown and became the first, when everyone at the newly deceased King’s birthday party is killed. Now she’s the heir to the throne and no one is more upset about it then she is.

“‘But you didn’t even present me with options,’ I said, pulling out of his grip. ‘You just decided for me, and people hate me for it. I would never have agreed to this if I knew. NEVER.’”

I absolutely loved this book. As studying in the sciences myself, I felt for Freya when she suddenly lost her dream of escaping and doing what she loved. One of my favorite things about Freya’s character is that she didn’t stop doing science just because she was forced into a position that traditionally didn't have anything to do with what she was interested in. She kept doing her best to apply how she would have solved scientific problems to how she wanted to solve the problems the kingdom was facing. She also used her skills of scientific reasoning to try to solve who murdered the entire line to the throne. I loved that fact that I was able to relate to the character as much as I did, and can see myself reading this over and over again.

All in all, this book will remain among my favorites and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to study science or even just like science in general.

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