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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

This book contains a parallel universe that contains vampires. Most of these vampires are shoved into Coldtowns that are, in the simplest terms, walled-off cities. These Coldtowns full of vampires, and humans craving to be vampires, post videos of the massive parties that they post. These vampires love the attention that they receive, especially from the broadcasts that are posted to the outside world to try to draw people to them. Tana ends up going to a party that doesn't go the way that she expected, and has to take herself and her ex-boyfriend to the nearest Coldtown for quarantine. In these Coldtowns, there are vampires and humans are aspiring to be vampires.

Before reading this book, I had a list of clichés that I was preparing for. I had read Twilight when I was in middle school and was preparing myself for a book that would end up being similar. I was ready for the main character to do anything to become a vampire. That would do anything to be with their designated love interest. However, that's not what I got from this book.

The book can maintain it's compelling story without the need to follow the most common vampire cliché. Tana is a character all her own and the story is all the better for it. She is doesn't have to give up her values to further the story. While I do highly recommend this book, Christine Lakin does such a good job in the audiobook that if given the choice, I recommend the audiobook.

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