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The Evil Queen

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

It was the back of the book that got me. Unlike hardcover books, this one didn't have reviews on the back. Instead there is the quote, "In the forest of good and evil … every hero is a villain and every villain is a hero. It just depends on who you ask." And then I bought the book, no questions asked. The very beginning of the book starts out with a fantastic scene that kept me questioning everything as I moved through the story. Now that I'm finished, I honestly can't wait to get my hands on the second book "The Glass Queen" that comes out July 28! (I have it marked in my calendar! :) )

"The Evil Queen" is about a wonderful character named Everly Morrow who one day gains the power to see other worlds/events through mirrors. Everly ends up traveling back to the realm of Enchantia where she was born, thus kick starting the fairy tale Snow White into gear. Her and the other characters around her start adopting the fairy tale roles with or without their knowledge just as a prophecy of the land for told.

I have read this book twice since I've had it and both times it hit me where it hurts. I recommend this book to all who also love a good fairy tale retelling. I do, however, recommend it for readers above the age of 16. There is a scene towards the end that is not appropriate for all readers. I am super excited for this series to continue and hope to find more books like this!

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