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The Inheritance Games

"Everything's a game, Avery Grambs. The only thing we get to decide in this life is if we play to win."

This book was recently released on September 1, 2020. The author, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, is preparing to release the sequel, The Hawthorne Legacy on September 7, 2021.

Avery Grambs' current situation is not the best, so she does everything in her power to ensure that her future will be better and brighter. Those plans, however, did not include mysteriously inheriting a massive fortune from billionaire Tobias Hawthorne. With every member of the Hawthorne family feeling as though they are more deserving of the family fortune, Avery is seen as a dangerous outsider trying to con her way to fame and fortune.

Nothing about this book was certain, which is what made the book so hard for me to put down. I had started reading this book and then somehow it was three in the morning and I was on the last sentence. Every time I had a theory or prediction of what was going to happen next, or what the Hawthorne family was really trying to do, the next clue, riddle, or sometimes even conversation, destroyed it all. This story kept me on my toes and trying to think with the characters the whole time and trying to. Every character was relatable in some way, but Avery was my very favorite. From when her teacher and principal were doubting who she was in the beginning, to have to fight for her own worth until the very end. She was always able to keep sight of who she was, no matter which person was against her. And the ending, while I did partially see the twist, was still such a painfully great way to set up for the next book in the series that I am so excited to get my hands on.

Anyone that enjoys a good mystery thriller read or likes the Truly Devious series, the Inheritance Games is perfect. It has a face pace and so hard to put down.

I absolutely loved reading this book, and because of that and all of the other reasons listed above, my rating for this book is 4/5 stars.

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